Shade Fittings

Changing a shade can transform an outdated lamp into something fresh and stylish. High quality shades are one of the least expensive ways to update a lamp and your décor.

We custom fit shades to your existing lamp or new purchase to achieve the perfect proportions for the lamp and the space in which it will be placed. Bringing your lamp to the store to be fitted for a shade provides an opportunity to select from our extensive selection of 2,000 shades.

Refurbish, Redesign & Repair

We can update an outdated lamp by changing the lamp base of which we have several varieties in stock including crystal, acrylic, gold leaf and wood which can be painted or stained to your preference. For example, putting an acrylic base on a vintage lamp gives a fresh look to a classic piece.

We perform all electrical repairs to lamps, chandeliers, and sconces including changing sockets, and rewiring. In addition, we also tighten loose parts, add line switches and dimmers as well as converting European wiring to U.S.


A new term of art which means to transform one object into another. We can create a lamp or a lighting fixture from almost any object including vases, candlesticks, architectural remnants, core samples from oil wells, tequila bottles, and anything else you can imagine. Bring your object in and we can help you design your lamp or fixture and then have our repair department create it for you.

Design Consultations

Our design associates can help you select a lamp, chandelier or sconce or pick a stock shade or design a custom shade for your home or any space. We are available by appointment for more detailed design services.